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Established in 1985, China Wenuan Home Textile Co., Ltd. is one of the leading pickup cover manufacturer and designer of home textiles in mainland China. We manufacture and design different types of home textiles including curtain, blanket, sheet, quilt, carpet, rug, bedding, cushion, pillow, mat, towel, cover, slipcover, bedspread, comforter and tablecloths. We use high thread-count cotton, poly cotton, taffeta, poly sateen, jacquard, mock suede, voile and ramie. By combining traditional embroidery with contemporary decorations like beads, bugle and sequins, lace and ribbon, we offer a wide range of styles for your selection. In addition to our selection of in-house designs, our 50 designers are also experienced in interpreting customer's artwork or ideas into products. So we welcome your OEM pickup covers requests.
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Why stick with the same old colors when you can spiff up your Stratocaster with brand new DiMarzio Strat Pickup Covers in your choice of colors? Heck you can even mix and match. Black white creme mint green and aged white covers fit Virtual Vintage HS Series FS-1 and SDS-1. Blue green pink and red pickup covers do not fit Virtual Vintage Strats. Set of 3. The Rockfield SWC (Select Wound Custom) bridge pickup was designed from the ground up by meticulously researching old design documents, spec sheets, wood shed articles, building, testing and re-testing for countless days and endless hours. The SWV in Rockfield SWV is short for Select Wound Vintage. They re extremely popular. Why? Because they rock! This is where some say it all started and came from. A changing of the guard, if you will, in the future engineering of guitars and guitar pickups.
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Use Seymour Duncan Single-Coil Pickup Covers to top off your single-coil pickups. Available in black or white. You too can look like you have genuine Duncan Pickups whether you actually do or not. This is not a metal cover. It is plastic with an electroplated finish applied to it. It does offer some shielding benefits, aside from the cosmetic apprearance. Black plastic cover is slightly tapered along the width. Taper difference is 0.06". We offer a variety of covers for humbucking pickups. stronger pickup will make your treble strings sound better but your wound strings will get farther from the Fender twang. (Thicker and darker, see image below). The first five models use ALNICO V magnets (except Real 54's) in either stock or hybrid stagger (hybrid stagger is for necks with flatter than 10” radius). We also have ALNICO III rod magnets which are 5% brighter and have 5% more lower mids. The Real 54's use six ALNICO III’s. The Steel Poled replacement for Strat® are built with steel pole pieces (screws) and bar magnets underneath for 20% and 25% over stock output.

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