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Established in 1985, China Wenuan Home Textile Co., Ltd. is one of the leading pin cushion manufacturer and designer of home textiles in mainland China. We manufacture and design different types of home textiles including curtain, blanket, sheet, quilt, carpet, rug, bedding, cushion, pillow, mat, towel, cover, slipcover, bedspread, comforter and tablecloths. We use high thread-count cotton, poly cotton, taffeta, poly sateen, jacquard, mock suede, voile and ramie. By combining traditional embroidery with contemporary decorations like beads, bugle and sequins, lace and ribbon, we offer a wide range of styles for your selection. In addition to our selection of in-house designs, our 50 designers are also experienced in interpreting customer's artwork or ideas into products. So we welcome your OEM pin cushions requests.
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pin cushion

Extra long pins for simple handling. Pearlized heads for effortless grabbing. This colorful, fun pin cushion is ready to go- loaded with pearlized straight pins. Personalize it with the sequins on the top to your own design. Its dome shape gives it stability. When all the cushion edges are joined, chain one extra stitch and do a second circuit around the cushion, still using single crochet. Once the second row of crochet is done, tie off the yarn, sew in that final yarn end, and you're done. KNITTING ONLY variation: once you've made your two sides, simply sew the seams using a yarn needle. CROCHETING ONLY variation: rather than knitting two squares, crochet them instead. Loosely chain approximately 10 chain stitches, chain one more for turning, and work about 10 rows in single crochet. Then carry on with the instructions for joining the two pieces.

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Tomato pin cushion with Strawberry emery. Handy for pin storage in your sewing basket. A pin cushion is such a handy little item. It keeps sewing needles and pins readily available and easy to grip. But what about yarn needles? You know, those large blunt-tipped plastic or metal needles used for finishing knitting projects: the needles aren't sharp enough to effectively stick into standard pin cushions. I kept my yarn needles in a small box, but was forever fumbling through them to get a grasp on the exact needle I wanted, so I decided to make a very simple cushion that would effectively hold those blunt needles. Mine is knitted and crocheted, but you can easily make one using either technique rather than both, if you prefer. 50 plastic head pins included. Assorted colors (red, light blue or royal blue). 1 Grabbit pincushion per package. No need to stop working to push pins into a cloth cushion, no more picking up spilled pins one by one, use the Grabbit. Pins stay put on the round plastic pin holder with powerful magnetic field.
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