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Established in 1985, China Wenuan Home Textile Co., Ltd. is one of the leading turkish rug manufacturer and designer of home textiles in mainland China. We manufacture and design different types of home textiles including curtain, blanket, sheet, quilt, carpet, rug, bedding, cushion, pillow, mat, towel, cover, slipcover, bedspread, comforter and tablecloths. We use high thread-count cotton, poly cotton, taffeta, poly sateen, jacquard, mock suede, voile and ramie. By combining traditional embroidery with contemporary decorations like beads, bugle and sequins, lace and ribbon, we offer a wide range of styles for your selection. In addition to our selection of in-house designs, our 50 designers are also experienced in interpreting customer's artwork or ideas into products. So we welcome your OEM turkish rugs requests.
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turkish rug
Affordable and Fun. Prettiest colors. Ready to ship. Wash with a garden hose. Fast Drying. This Aqua Rug is the famous rug shown in the Mad Mats national advertising campaign with the white rocking chair on the porch. Mad Mats Outdoor Carpets are environmentally friendly and are made from 98% recycled plastic. This floor mat is made from polypropylene and can be used on lawns and patios. When it get soiled, it can be hosed off with a garden hose and any mild detergent. It is weather resistant and stand up to hot and cold weather. The Mad Mats patterns are intricately woven and the multi colored threads are woven in the same fashion as real flat weave wool rugs. The result is a warmth and complexity usually only available to the interior rug market. This floor mat can be put outside for the season! This outdoor mat comes with four exterior grade velcro tabs to use under the corners of the mat for breezy locations.
turkish rugs

Manufactured with the amazingly beautiful and intricate Lextra Fiber Graphics te chnology. Printed without using ink the Lextra process uses high voltag e electricity to drive soft dyed nylon fibers into detailed designs that feel wo nderfult to the touch. Hand-washable Lextra collections include MouseRu gs (mouse pads), and CoasterRugs (coasters) that are manufactured with genuine f ringe. According to documentary sources, large medallion carpets (of which the Turkish Star Ushak is a variant type) were woven in the western Anatolian town of Ushak,known for carpet weaving since the fifteenth century. The two elements are arranged, alternating in staggered rows, in the fashion of the earlier Holbein and Lotto rugs. But the decorative vocabulary of the Ushaks--the medallion shapes, the arabesque forms filling them, and the vines and small-scale floral elements filling the interstices between the medallions--marks a total departure from the tradition represented by the Holbeins, Lottos, and their predecessors.

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