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wedge cushion
Established in 1985, China Wenuan Home Textile Co., Ltd. is one of the leading wedge cushion manufacturer and designer of home textiles in mainland China. We manufacture and design different types of home textiles including curtain, blanket, sheet, quilt, carpet, rug, bedding, cushion, pillow, mat, towel, cover, slipcover, bedspread, comforter and tablecloths. We use high thread-count cotton, poly cotton, taffeta, poly sateen, jacquard, mock suede, voile and ramie. By combining traditional embroidery with contemporary decorations like beads, bugle and sequins, lace and ribbon, we offer a wide range of styles for your selection. In addition to our selection of in-house designs, our 50 designers are also experienced in interpreting customer's artwork or ideas into products. So we welcome your OEM wedge cushions requests.
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wedge cushion

Cando vestibular wedges improve motor skills, balance, and coordination. Use as a seating cushion to promote good posture. Available in 13.5" large for adults and 10" small for children. Cushion is portable and easy to store. Color is Blue. The Cando Vestibular Wedge is versatile and can be used for sitting exercises, standing exercises, rehabilitation, or to strengthen stomach muscles while improving posture. Our inflatable design is made of soft, durable PVC vinyl and has a smooth bottom and pebbled top. What is memory foam? Visco-elastic memory foam was originally developed by NASA and used on space shuttles to relieve pressure on astronauts caused by G-Forces during take off. It is several times denser than regular polyurethane foams, is temperature sensitive and always recovers to original shape. It is also called slow-recovery foam (see picture). Due to its distinctive property in relieving pressure, memory foam has been developed into many products such as pillows, toppers, wedges, supports, etc., to benefit millions of consumers worldwide.

wedge cushions
Reduces pressure on the spine and coccyx. Extra liner for foam protection. Washable cotton/polyester zip-off blue cover. 3 year warranty. 16" x 13" x 3" to 1.5". Coccyx Cushion - Tailbone Cushion The Visco Memory Foam Coccyx Cushion is made of high quality standard density memory foam (3.5lb) and helps relieve back pain by reducing the pressure on the spine and coccyx. The temperature-sensitive coccyx pillow foam interacts with body heat to gently mold to your shape and provides customized comfort. The cut-out section eliminates painful pressure on the tailbone. Sloping wedge shape helps correctly align spine and tilts the pelvis forward to restore the natural lumbar curve, a position often recommended by doctors to provide maximum comfort and relief. Can be used with almost any seat: Car seat, Office chair, Home.....virtually anywhere. Coccyx (tailbone) bone pain can come from local trauma or childbirth. A fall on the tailbone can stress the ligaments or injure the attachment to the sacrum.
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